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From the founder

I launched Ballpoint in January 2023 because we’re entering a new era of growth.

The 2010s were dominated by cheap capital, the free flow of data, and novel platforms where competition was low. Marketers stopped talking to humans and became short terms.

The pendulum has swung back the other way. Today, it is in the intersection of technology, psychology, and creativity, that the new wave of businesses will grow.

Early Stage Growth is a blog and newsletter to follow that journey. I write one essay per week on subjects related to growing your business. From psychological hooks through to approaches on measurement.

I was a startup founder (Wine List), head of growth (Thriva), and then interim head of growth (Hims & Fy!) before I became an agency founder.

This newsletter charts my experiences and those of my network in this new world of growth.

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Foundations for profitable growth; measurement that matters; case studies from early stage companies; customer psychology, and lessons from a former startup founder.


Founder: weareballpoint.com Author: Early Stage Growth