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How is Facebook doing for you this week?

Non-fiction Christmas Gift Guide / My reading list 2023

Stashbee: the customer-centric playbook that helped it find PMF and scale


Anatomy of a direct response print ad

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What is Growth?

The 75 year old sociological theory that is at the heart of creative for paid social

Creative is your targeting

80% of experiments fail

We are interrupting

Using psychology to come up with CRO ideas

How Pact acquired its first 10k customers without any digital marketing

Early Stage Growth & introducing our referral scheme

The comment-bait trend that we see gaming the algo in summer 2023

Social Norms

5 reasons to get super bullish about Meta ads from their 2023 Performance Summit

IG Stories promoting follower counts

Choose Your Own Adventure: the Big Bet we played at Wine List

Flexa: B2B organic & LinkedIn influencing their way to 1 million users

Wartime before product-market fit

Which CAC spike am I in?


[Friday Freebie] My old investor updates

How many ads do we produce to run Facebook Ads?

Freddie's Flowers

Our first full time hire: Head of Paid Social

Brand marketing: the time is...(?)

"If you can't get Facebook working, you probably don't have product-market fit"

In defence of tech

It's time to stop using CPMs (and CTRs) to gauge anything on Meta

The CAC always rises – and how you can beat it

How to measure startup PR stunts, with insights from Transferwise, Thursday,, Thriva, and a 90s tech stunt from Guinness

What's stopping our growth? Our marketing or our product?

How one customer interview generated six figures of revenue

How Vueling use a familiarity heuristic to land a eyecatching ad

Adverts have to be platform-first